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This is only a part of our menu - we change it every day
so, that we can offer you fresh dishes every day!





Homemade mozzarella in bacon coat on lukewarm lentil salad € 13,90

Marinated carpaccio of beef from our own farm
with parmesan shavings, rocket and bread € 16,90

Smoked filet of mountain char on plucked salad and bread € 15,90





Chestnut - apple cream soup € 6,90

Beef soup with homemade pancakes € 5,40

Beef soup with semolina dumplings € 5,40



Main Dishes


Boiled beef from our own farm with horseradish sauce, polenta and spinach € 26,90

Local venison ragout with homemade spaetzle and apple-cinnamon red cabbage € 22,90

Grilled chicken breast fillet "Asian style" with curry soy sauce,
wok vegetables and basmati rice € 21,90

Gusto plate "Hinteregger" - grilled and baked
of chicken and pork with spicy sauce, french fries and salad € 24,90

Wiener Schnitzel of pork with potatoes, cranberries and salad € 18,90

Mountain char filet (Glanzhof Hopfgarten) on lemon risotto and salad € 26,90




Vegetarian Dishes


Mozzarella skewer on grilled vegetables with yogurt-herb dip,
potatoes and salad € 17,90

Matreier dumpling risotto - spinach, raw bean and cheese press dumplings
with horseradish sauce and salad € 17,90

Matreier cheese spaetzle with fried onions and salad € 17,90

Penne with ratatouille and salad € 14,90

Vegetable curry with coconut milk, basmati rice and salad € 14,90





Sachertorte “Grandmothers’ recept” € 5,80

Apple strudel with cream € 5,80

Dessert variation Hinteregger € 9,90

Ice made from organic milk

“Alpenkaramell” - tasty milk ice cream with delicious butter caramel
 and crunchy nut brittle € 8,90

“Capuccino” - coffee ice cream with pieces of white chocolate
 and milk chocolate. A treat for coffee lovers € 8,90

“Erdbeermilch“ - intense strawberry flavour with fresh milk from the alps,
which provides a fabulous consistency € 8,90

Lemon/Lime Sorbet - The precious zest of organic lemons gives
this refreshing sorbet a particularly tingling aroma € 8,90